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Sunday, 26 October 2014

ART: Go Ahead and Stair (A Picture Perfect Wall)
I received some photos of our dream house last week from my sister, including the stair case. We weren’t actually expected the stair case to be that grand. We thought that it will be a simple stair case, yet when we saw the pic, I said “Wow! Ang sarap pagandahin ng area na ito!”

Although we were decided to put frames on the stair wall since we did the same thing on our tiny home here in Qatar (less the stair case of course :D ), we also did some research on how to do them perfectly.

So here are some tips on laying out frames with balance and symmetry. By the way, these are just purely suggestions. You can still use and apply your own ideas and concepts on making your stair wall become a perfect framework for a show stopping gallery of memories.