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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

FACT: The Latest TV Innovation

The Seoul-based company says its new 55-inch Curved OLED TV is a revolution in the segment, marking a new level in innovation that delivers true-to-life pictures from any angle due to its unique arched display and advanced features. Samsung is confident that the product will be well received in the UAE, which has a tech-oriented populace that has a knack for getting in on the latest in technology.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm because we already have enquiries coming in. In fact, we even have pre-sales being done,” Vinod Nair, general manager of Samsung Gulf Electronics’ CTV Business, told Khaleej Times at the launch event.

“We expect the early adopters of this product to be very enthusiastic,” he added.

Asked how much research was put into the new product, Nair candidly answered: “A lot.”

Earlier in the Press conference, Young Soo Kim, president of Samsung Gulf Electronics, called the Curved OLED TV “another milestone in [Samsung’s] journey”.

“We are proud… to be the first to bring such a product into the Gulf region,” he said. “It is a testament to our dedication in delivering the best experience, creativity and innovation.”
Kim also mentioned Samsung’s success in the region, enjoying a 40% market share in the competitive TV segment.

In his presentation, Nair said that TVs “have actually been better”, especially with Samsung’s efforts to push its innovation further year after year.

“In 2012 alone, we sold 50 million TVs and we are on track to be No. 1 for the eighth year in a row,” he said.

Of the Curved OLED TV, Nair said: “We believe this will become the point of reference for years to come.”

Samsung’s Curved OLED TV boasts 20 per cent richer colour reproduction and 50 per cent sharper contrast compared to other high-definition products, offering a crisper and clearer viewing experience. It also features exceptionally fast response times that practically eliminate motion blur and crosstalk. Its curved design, called Timeless Arena, is inspired by the oval shape of a grand-spectator arena. The display of the TV sits within a curved premium metal frame; this panoramic design immerses viewers in a life-like image, meaning no corner of the screen is out of focus. The panoramic effect is currently not possible with flat-panel TVs.

The Curved OLED TV offers exclusive features such as Multi View, which allows two viewers to watch two different full-screen, full-HD content — even in 3D — on the same display. This is made possible Samsung’s 3D Active glasses, which come with built-in personal speakers and isolate one programme at a time for uninterrupted viewing. It also allows the wearer to switch between the two sources with a button’s touch.

It also comes with the Samsung Evolution Kit, allowing users to keep up with Samsung’s latest innovations by easily updating the hardware and software. The newest Smart Hub is also integrated with the new TV.

The Samsung Curved OLED TV will be available in the UAE this week, with the rest of the GCC to follow by, according to Nair, the third week of September at the latest. It will be sold for Dh32,999.

Source: KhallejTimes