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Saturday, 29 June 2013

THOUGHTS: Online Shopper also means Online Giver

The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.
Leonard Nimoy  

I am an online shopping addictus since 2007. From foods, to gifts, to flowers, cakes, shoes, clothes, accessories, bags, watches, wall clocks, polaroid films, mugs and even personalized pillowcases. With a very loving and supportive (aka kunsintidor ehehehe) husband, he knows everything about it. Online shopping give me more comfortable way of buying what I want that will make me happy.

But this time, it's different, when I saw this online voucher, I felt that  there's something more with  online shopping. So I explored about it more, and I convinced myself that I will buy ( I already did actually) vouchers to give others happiness, and EDUCATION.

Mano Amiga is a 20-year-old 501c3 non-profit company organizing and facilitating mission trips for youth organizations from churches and schools. Mano Amiga works to help people in need. Homes get roofs, schools get built, lives get changed. Workers return from the trips with a new outlook on life. 

And now, with the help of Grouponphilipipnes, a deal-of-the-day type of website, is conducting a gift giving activity by purchasing online vouchers, and you can send a child for a day, complete with books, school supplies and a hot meal!

For just 100Php, you can pay using your debit or Credit Card, and you can give a full smile on their lips!

If you are interested, click the link for payment.

So instead of buying for ourselves, let’s try buying for others.
Instead of waiting for package every week, let’s try waiting for a simple “thank you” from these kids.

We can buy 20.00 / 30.00 / 40.00 QAR for our “wants”.
I know we can buy 8.50 QAR for their “needs”.