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Sunday, 2 June 2013

FASHION: Cool Color Combos

Talking about colors and hues for the wedding is probably one of the most exciting part of planning and preparing for the big day. They categorize types of motifs into 3 – traditional colors are also called jewel tones such as red, green or blue. Lively colors like fuchsia, lime green, yellow lemon and tangerine are Whimsical and fun-loving couple. For colors full of romance, you can go for red, burgundy, soft pink, sea green or pale blue.

Though are so many color pallets to choose from, according to, they chose 10 color combos that actually stands out in the Philippines. Let’s have a look at these color combos: +_+

Blue and White.For a sophisticated all-season wedding, use soft blues and whites in your color palette. Touches of blue can easily dress up table settings. For a blue-and-white bouquet, best is a combination of white cream roses nestled in blue hydrangeas. If you want blue bridesmaid dresses, choose a rich color that will complement the rest of your blues.

Pink and Lavender. Put a feminine touch on a spring wedding with a pretty pink-and-purple combo. The pinks and purples will pop against black bridesmaid dresses; give each bridesmaid a bouquet with both, or use one color for her bouquet and the other for a bright and bold sash. Another way to use these bright colors is to dress up your wedding cake with pink and purple swirls.

Orange and Green. This classic and bold color pair is perfect for any time of year. For a summer wedding, white accents will keep the color scheme bright; add in brown hues for a winter wedding to create a warm and pleasant color scheme. In this color combination, orange flowers will stand out. Best picks are roses, calla lilies, and dahlias.

Green and Pink. Go soft and subtle with this classic pair, perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Either color will look fabulous on your bridesmaids; consider giving your groomsmen a dash of both with a pink-and-green-stripe tie.You can use emerald green or light green to match the striking hue of pink.
(Guys, sorry but I want to use our wedding photos for these colors) +_+

Pink and Brown. This light and neutral color scheme is perfect for a wedding any time of year. Use brown as the foundation color for table linens and bridesmaid dresses; accent with pink flowers such as roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Both colors will look great on stationery; to create a classic look, use brown paper with a pretty pink monogram.

Black, White and Red. A vintage look with touch of class and elegance.


Orange and Brown. This bold color scheme is perfect for a bright and sophisticated fall wedding. Use orange for all of your accent pieces, such as flowers, ribbon touches, and table linens. A rich brown hue will be perfect for bridesmaid dresses and invitations. To add another touch of brown, rent beautiful wooden chairs.

Orange and Bright Pink. If you want a bright and bold summer wedding, this color combination of orange and bright pink is perfect for you. Gerbera daisies and roses in these two colors will create a bouquet that pops against your bridal gown. Dress your bridesmaids in either of the two tones, using the other for a dress accent, such as a sash. Splashes of these colors will also create bold invitations.

Blue and Yellow. motif with an attitude. The yellow and blue details are perfection and as always.

There are some tips that we also need to consider:

Put your bridesmaids in the most flattering wedding colors possible. If your color scheme is fuchsia and lime green, make their dresses fuchsia, as lime green is very hard for most people to pull off. 

Choose a color that looks good in photos. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, choose bolder colors that won’t “wash out” in photos. More muted colors, such as silver or pale blue are best for indoors, where the dimmer lighting allows for more photographic attention to detail. 

Keep it classy. Less, is almost always more. Colors should accent and excite, not overwhelm. If you’re using a bright, bold color, such as red, keep everything else  as simple and clean as possible. 

Lastly, consider the weather and season. Light and bright colors usually for spring and summer, while solid and bold colors are for winter.

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