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"I can be your best friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can ditch them off, go on with what you do best and have an amazing life..."

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

THOUGHTS: 2 Years Down, Thousands More to Go!

Time really flies so fast! Dati, makulit ka lang, ngayon sobrang kulit mo na. But I love you more and more each day even if you never fail to annoy me… everyday… :D.

Our second year of marriage, Twenty Four months of tenderness and sweet surprises… One Hundred Four weeks of learning new and wonderful things about each other… … Seven Hundred Thirty days of sharing and blending our lives together… You've given me two years of warm, caring love that has made every single day a beautiful dream come true. Because of your love, I now have my own fairy tale.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the man I want beside me every night for the rest of forever.

I Am Thankful To Be Able To Share My Life with You…

Love you much much,