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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MOVIE: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Yesterday was actually a blast, because for the first time, we tried to watch to movies in just one day, and we did it! Though the original plan was to go to The Pearl to try the latest IMAX Theater. But car lifts were not available so we end up going to Villaggio Mall, planning to get a ticket for the 3:15PM timing of The Transformers. Luckily, we reached the ticket counter at 11:55AM, and 12:00noon 3D Imax for The Transformers was still available. How lucky we are, right?

Later, we will discuss The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, since we watched it at 4:30PM. For now, let’s talk about first The Transformers, in which the showing is sooo late! Cinematography and special effects wise, The Transformers is still on top of the list. The film's special effects are astonishing, it's loud and overwhelming, but so little narrative, and a very nihilistic side of the movie is shown... Even the amazing  acting of Mark Wahlberg didn’t save the film. It was like a combination of The Amazing Spiderman and My Little Bossings with a bad result, because of so many unnecessary scenes (as I have said in my review) and too mush product placements (Victoria Secret, Gucci, Bud Light) as if you are watching a 3 hour commercial break. Worse, Lucas was killed on the 1st hour of the movie, making it a more boring lame movie, since Lucas was just starting to give fun and wit amidst the shallow plot.

Good thing was, we watched it in a 3D Imax format and we enjoyed the visual effects and screenplay. But overall, The Transformers is such a another implausible, flimsy Transformers movie.

Visual Effects: 10

Plot: 2

Cast: 2.5

Overall: 4.8