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Saturday, 5 July 2014

THOUGHTS: Diamonds are Girls' Bestfriend!

Diamonds are Women's Bestfriend..
Before, It was just a cliché to me, popularized by my icon Marilyn Monroe. But try to wear a very good quality diamond, that you bought from the fruit of your smart working ass (not hard working), believe me, It feels really great!

I earned my first salary during my first summer break in college. 750.00Php for 2 days doing Public Survey for Philippine Information Agency or  PIA, a government communications agency. I went to our next mall and did some groceries. I even bought a Bench shirt for my sister. Ganon kalaki ang value ng 750.00Php during those days. And that was 15years ago.

Fast Forward Mode - 3 weeks back I got my end-of-service from my previous company, and then I cannot think of something to buy for myself - gadget??? I got my MacBook, ipad mini, an iphone, I even have Lenovo tablet.  Shoes? Clothes? got lots of them, hindi ko na nga alam san ko ilalagay. Then we had a chat with my friend from Abu Dhabi, where she showed me her birthday gift for herself - a ring. Suddenly, I bright, clear-cut, round idea rushed into my exciting mind - diamonds!

So I made a research - Marhaba, Damas, Pure Gold. Which one has the best promotion this Ramadan? And the winner is --- PURE GOLD! They offers 75% discount, plus free diamond ring when you buy diamond jewelries worth 4,300.00 QAR or more.

So me and my habibi  went to Pure Gold in Villaggio Mall to check and of course, to buy :) They have very big collections of good jewelries, diamonds and everything precious in between. But of course, I don't want to be a center of attraction. I chose this simple yet so elegant and carefully-designed Earring + necklace set from Priced Collections.  And when I checked the price, pak na pak! Kayang kaya ng budget. Even after the 75% discount (that's a vast discount!) it's still qualified for a free diamond ring. Don't worry, I am not gonna tell how much we pay for the set kasi it's a secret hahahah!

Even if It's not an imeldific effect, I am happy I got one for myself. Although my engagement ring, wedding ring, a wedding gift from my mom and V-day gift from my Husband (both are earrings) have diamonds, iba pa din yung feeling when you got something for yourself, a reward for yourself after 3 yrs of working.

To Anne Joy na nasa kabilang panig ng MIddle east :) salamat sa idea <3, next time uli hahahah!