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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MOVIE: The Maze Runner a-MAZE-D me!
4 days ago, my husband was so bored, and yeah, me too. Sand since I was in the office when he called, I asked him to wait for me at the Villaggio after office.

While waiting for 5:00 to strike, I checked the list of movies, and I saw this movie called The Maze Runner. Since I wasn’t so familiar with the film, I checked the rotten tomatoes rating, and simple reviews, and It satisfied me a lot. So I immediately called Pardz again “Pardz kuha ka ng ticket sa Imax, The Maze Runner has a very good film review.” Then he said “The Maze Runner? Maganda ba?” I replied “hindi ko alam, basta yan na lang.” That was a funny conversation, lolz! Sobrang bored, kahit anung movie, okay lang.

Anyways, since he arrived early, he got a good seat for us – C24 and C25 for a 7:00 film schedule.

The film takes little time to get started. From the first frames, our protagonist — a nameless, amnesiac young man played by Dylan O'Brien — wakes up in a box and is transported, panicking, to a field filled with rugged young men. He doesn't know who he is, how he got here, or what the hell is happening, and freaks out through the first moments of the movie.

Soon, he starts to get a grip. Alby (Aml Ameen), the tiny society's charismatic leader, Chuck (Blake Cooper), a younger, smaller boy with a can-do attitude and Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster, also known as Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones), provide some exposition.

Every month, one boy is sent up to live in the verdant field, surrounded on all sides by a colossal maze. The kids have a nicely ordered society set up, and a sort of makeshift village in the center of the clearing. There are builders, healers and runners — young men who run through the maze by day, trying to find a way out. The runner group is led by Minho (Ki Hong Lee), a Korean buff kid.

I am not go on as there might be a spoiler from my part. But seeing this kind of movie, that is actually based on YA novel of the same title. It is actually a good movie, an exciting film to watch. Though not as intense and great as The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner "With strong acting, a solid premise, and a refreshingly dark approach to its dystopian setting, The Maze Runner stands out from the crowded field of YA sci-fi adventures Audiences surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film a grade of A- on an A+ to F scale.

Unlike many other popular teen movies, The Maze Runner doesn't highlight a central romance (at least in this installment), but it definitely includes the same amount of intense violence.

A very solid film, well-crafted and entertaining.
So if boredom strikes you, try to hit the theater and get a ticket of The Maze Runner.

Visual Effects: 8
Cast: 7.5 ( I like Thomas Brodie-Sangster)
Story Plot: 10 (so fresh!)
Average: 8.5