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Monday, 29 September 2014

THOUGHTS: Happy Home Part 2 - Minimalist Living Room

Darn! So excited to buy Furniture already!

3 months to go and we’re gonna see the fruit of our labor in the Philippines – our dream house! Yes, for so many months of checking and adjusting our budget, we able to (almost) finish our first project as a couple. Of course, new house, new furniture. Although, we will still be using some old stuffs like the narra bed and wooden console table, 80-90% will be bought as new.

As posted 2 weeks back (click HERE), I am so thrilled having chandelier in our house. Now, I will be posting some of our choices for the living room and entertainment area. Entertainment / Family Room is located on the 2nd floor of the house, so that if visitors would just like to seat and relax with unobtrusive atmosphere, they can stay in the living room downstairs. And since we wanted peaceful and relaxing in  the living room downstairs, we opted earth hues for the furniture and displays and everything that we can incorporate with the colors.

We got several options and ideas but these are our toppest tops of all our choices, so help us decide guys: