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Saturday, 6 September 2014

HOME: Happy Home Part 1 - Living & Dining Room Chandelier

Whew! For the past 3months, this will be the first time that I will post a blog about our first project as a couple - our dream home! 

So here's a short story about it:

January - we had a meeting with our Architect, Rommel Dullas, a one of a kind designer and architect. I should know, because we both graduated from the same university.

February / March - period of discussion, exchange of ideas, finalizing the design. I admit, I'm a bit maarte when it comes to deisgn because I am an engineer by profession, practicing architectural finishes for more than 8yrs, Thankfully, hindi nman nabuwisit si Arki saken dahil sa dami ng changes, adds, and revisions na gusto ko. But Of course, I am on the client side, client is always right, char! :D

April / May - everything has been finalized and agreed. Now it's our turn to fix the documents, building permit, water and electric utilities, Subdivision deposit charge (i think this is mandatory since we decide to use our own design and build team, and not the one from the Grand Victoria Estates).

June - wow, the first excavation and backfill has been made, weee!!! unang buhos delivery pa lng ng gravel and sand, excited na kami, OA ng peg diba hehehe

July - we received our first photo from Arki. By the way, we actually have this agreement not to post any photo - facebook, IG, twitter. We waqnt to surprise everyone. Akala kasi nila, "drawing" lang ang plan nming magpagawa ng bahay. 

August - Another photo, yes!!!! Sobrang laki ng improvement from the previous. And while my husband is busy thinking what will be the design for the gate and fence, ako nman si hanap na ng ilalagay sa loob, hahaha! Excited me!

September - shocks!!! sa isip ko, buong buo na xa hahahah! Thank you Lord, cannot hide my excitement...

Anyway, since our traget for the house warming is on January 01, 2015, we will be in the Philippines to fix all remaining details. For the interior, I am so particular with 3 things inside the house - lamp/lighting, mirrors, and wall clocks. That is why whenever I have free time, I always ask my friends google and bing to search for the next chandelier in town, since there is a high ceiling in the living room. And here's what they got:

(special credits to those who own these photos)

This is actually my favorite, so elegant and the style is so remarkable. Parang worms, hahaha! Like na like ang peg. :)


For the Dining Room, I'd love to have some colors because it brings good apetite, right? 


This is actually my super first choice, fuschia pink! The color is popping, I looovee it!

Next time, I am gonna post my choices for the dining room. Il'l keep you updated with our Home Sweet Home... +_+