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Thursday, 30 January 2014

THOUGHTS: Excited Much!!

Yes! After almost 2 years of waiting for the right time to come, eto na. This is the right time for us to be part of the Couples Community.

I started as Youth For Christ last 1998. It was the first time NEUST conducted Youth Camp, and together with the other 30+ participants, we finished it and hailed as the first batch of NEUST YFC-Youth Camp.

After 7 years of serving the Youth Community as speaker, facilitator, and Team leader, I decided to join the 2nd batch of CLP - SFC Crossovers in 2005. This is right after I passed the board exam. It has a total of 13 weeks although I missed 3 talks (sad!). But then, right after we had our Lord's Day and joined Regional Conference, I went straight to Manila to look for a job.

In 2009, 3 months after I accepted a job offer in Dubai, I joined SFC - Dubai, I decided to attend all talks to refresh and renew as well. There, I served as Household Head to my 5 beautiful anaks. =)

But then, in 2011, I received a very good opportunity here in Doha and decided to accept it. I had a very heavy heart, knowing that I will be leaving SFC community again.. Here in Doha, I belong to a very supportive and loving HH. Though, due to my very hectic schedule, too much work pressure and adjustment to the environment, I became less active, although I managed to attend QNC 2011 and MEC 2011.

And now, after some years of Hiatus of serving God trhough CFC Community, here I am again, but this time it's different. I will go, attend, complete and finish the Christian Life Program, together with my husband. New people, same community... New year, same beliefs and faith.