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Sunday, 5 January 2014

PROMO: Qatar Drag Racing VIP Tickets

Get ready to protect your ears as the sound of revving engines and screeching tyres resonate through your body. Feel your heartbeat race and thrust your pulse into overdrive as your adrenaline courses through your veins with the anticipation of the race. Smell the heady mix of fuel fumes and burning rubber and…burgers! So, ok, you have a race to watch, but you also have a tummy to fill with gut busting burgers and other tasty morsels from Johnny Rockets. This is a ticket like no other, because this is a VIP ticket to the Arabian Drag Racing League. Get down and dirty in the pits, watch the drivers prepare for the ultimate goal of winning the race and watch repairs happening right before your eyes. What are you waiting for? Be quick, because the race isn’t going to hang around…

For QR49, you save a SMASHING 51% off
of the normal VIP ticket price per round or Grab the All Round Access Ticket and save a whopping 67% off!

Click HERE to buy.


    Pay QR49 and Choose from:
  • VIP for Round 1 on the 8,9,10th January 2014
  • VIP for Round 2 on the 15,16,17th January 2014
  • VIP for Round 3 on the 22,23,24th January 2014
  • VIP for Round 4 on the 5,6,7th February 2014
  • VIP for Round 5 on the 12,13,14th February 2014
  • VIP for Round 6 on the 19,20,21st February 2014
    Pay QR199, instead of QR600 for a VIP Season Ticket valid for all the above 6 rounds
  • VIP Ticket includes:
  • Race Pits – see the cars being worked on!
  • Meet the drivers!
  • Family entertainment area
  • Racing car exhibits
  • Airplane show
  • Bike Show – Harley Davidson
  • Car Show – Unique classic cars, supercars
  • Food stalls/restaurants
  • Go Kart kid’s race
  • Special games for children and youngsters
  • Special entertainment shows