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Thursday, 2 January 2014

THOUGHTS: Start the Year with a Bang!

Last year, which is just 2 days ago, I prayed for the following things - Better Health for me, my hubby, and our family back home; happier family life; and better JOB opportunity for me. And yes, I mean it. 99% of whoever reading this post have the same prayer and wishful thinking for 2014. Not that you hate your job, that's why I used the word "BETTER". I have a good job, now I am asking for a better one.

No satisfaction??? Hmm a part of it.  But the fact is, our project is on its opening stage. And who wants to be "empty handed" after the project? No one. So before 2013 bid goodbye, I prayed for stronger personality and attitude for me to stay in this company. Our manager talked to me 3 weeks back, telling me that they want to "bring" me to their new project as direct employee. (FYI: I am working in a Joint Venture, and one of these 2 contractors wants to take me as their "in-house QS")... well, how's that? :)

I told him, "yeah that'd be great." But the truth is, I am half-hearted, double-minded with the offer. Something's telling me that This is a good, but not BETTER. And so, I prayed harder...

What happens next?
This morning, after a 24 relaxing, peaceful hour of January 01, I checked my personal email and guess what? 2 companies, sent me an invitation for an interview. A very good start of the year for me. And there's more! I received 2 phone calls from 2 different companies, asking for an interview schedule, a total of 4. Wow! Isnt' it great??

Si Lord talaga, he never fails to surprised me, and amused me. :) Now, all I have to do is prepare myself for a live battle... When??? Real real soon :)

And you, yes you, the one reading this... Whether you are my friend, a relative, a regular reader, an OFFICE COLLEAGUE, or nakikichikka lang,  I tell you this - YES, I AM APPLYING. And I know for sure, you're doing the same thing as well, So spread the word and say whatever you wanna say, but please try not to be hypocrite.

Goodluck to me! #2014 #goodvibes #happywifehappylife