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Thursday, 30 January 2014

THOUGHTS: Vacation Aftermath

"A wave of unfathomable nostalgia keeps on kicking in my mind…"

Last 19th January, I went to Philippines to spend a week-long vacation. Yes, you read it right, one week. A very short holiday considering that my flight duration from Qatar is more or less 24 hrs (back and forth).

First, I am tired. With 5 hours difference and an endless line at the Immigration, not to mention a very bad jetlag, my physique wanted to have a very good night rest. Good thing, my husband and Ninong Noel waited for me for almost an hour. Pardz did not call our company Transport Coordinator for me to pick up. Instead, he was accompanied by Ninong Noel, well got a more relaxing service, thanks for that Ninong!

Second, our house was a little bit messy. Don’t get me wrong, my husband cleans almost everyday. It’s just that I have a personal definition of the phrase “house cleaning”. Yep, I am clean fanatic, Or maybe, I was close enough to have OCD, hahahah! Kidding aside, even If still want to stay in bed keeping busy staring at the ceiling, I chose to get up and clean the house. Not general cleaning, but at least I satisfied myself.

Third, the reason why I only had a short vacation is that, my husband celebrated his 28th birthday. Before I left, he said that he wants to spend time with me (nax!). But I thought, It will be nice if we throw him a surprise party, and we actually did. Although there a very diminutive spoiler (thanks to the party hat!), our party ended up simple yet awesome. =).

After that I spent 3 more days as local leave. Cleaning the house, eat, sleep, watch movies, a Filipino teleserye called “The Legal Wife” (I am not a fan, I am just curious hahah!), and spend quality time with Pardz, and that’s the most priceless thing.

So, how’s my holiday? Great! I miss Philippines already. I wish I could stay for a couple of days but it feels better knowing that I'm having so much fun now spending quality time with my husband… <3