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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

FASHION: Thank you Pardz for my 2nd Lumang Vag, Hugs!

I know this may sound something to you, but Louis Vuitton is not just an ordinary bag, but for a woman, it is an investment as well. I opted not to buy imitation not because it's not original (literally!), and I don't want to feel conscious and less confident. Though I did not born with golden spoon in my mouth, I already knew that LV since I was 5 and fully aware that it is a luxurious brand. Big thanks to my mom who worked in Oman for 5 years and travel with her employers from Hongkong, to UAE to England to other parts of the world. That is why, I promise to myself, I will buy Louis Vuitton before I turned 30. I claimed it, and It happened. :)

We went to Villaggio Mall last night, and bought my 2nd LV Speedy Bag. I find it real cute and very handy. The rounded shaped of this speedy allows a very spacious interior, which I needed because I want everything to bring whenever we go out. A very ideal for carrying my needs. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous Damier Canvas. So now, I am enjoying this latest blessing to me, and the newest member of my bag collection. pero xempre, xa yung nasa pedestal, ibang level, yayamanin, hahaha!

Thank you lord.. You really never fail to surprise me...
Thank you also to your most amazing, and most surprising instrument in my life - Wilcyn... :)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull (Damier Ebene Canvas)
July, 2011
Villaggio Mall, Doha, Qatar

Louis Vuitton Speedy (Damier Ebene Canvas)
January, 2014
Villaggio Mall, Doha, Qatar