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Sunday, 17 November 2013

THOUGHTS: I Finally Got my 1st Ink :)

Yeah yeah, before I finally "leave the Calendar", (Yah right, I'll be turning 32 by the end of the month) I decided to get inked for the first time.

Of course I asked my buddy hubby if I could get one.  Hesitant at first, but eventually (and surprisingly!),  he also want to have a tattoo. And so we end up looking and searching for a design.

Compass. At first, he wanted to have a sun / sundial, the thing is, they're too colorful, and solid. Isipin ko pa lang, hihimatayin na ako. :) So we chose this simple red and black compass, and put the our wedding date in written in Romans, the date is leading to "East".

Masakit sya in fairness, but worth it. Me and my buddy hubby got the same tattoo, with personal touch since we opt to include the most memorable date of our lives. :)

Happy Wife! <3