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Saturday, 7 September 2013

HOME: Let's Organize your Stuffs

Hanging clothes is the easy part. When it comes to closet organization, the bigger conundrum is what to do with that jumble of shoes, jewelry and handbags. Here, we'll show you creative storage solutions that let you flaunt your stuff or hide it all away.

Since my husband and I loves to buy things and stuffs kahit na hindi pa nmin alam kung saan nmin gagamitin, at kung kelan gagamin. And then we transferred to our new home sweet home, then we realized, ang dami nmin gamit together! Although our place occupies more than 40sqm of the whole flat, the bigger the place, the more chance na maglalagay ka pa ng gamit. So what I did is to organize our stuffs (although most of them are mine hahaha!), and stash those that are not useable for us anymore.


I make sure that our watches are organize and easy to access. Since I have many watches than my husband, I placed them all in a white box, plus the fact that almost everyday, I change my watch depends on my mood. My husband used to stick with one watch to wear for the whole week so I put them all in each case, and put them all in the same area.


Sale or not, as long as we like, rather I like pala (hahah!) I buy that dress without any second thoughts. I don't want to be disappointed when it comes to clothes, kaya even If i still don't know yet where am I gonna use that thing, basta gusto ko, binibili ko na. coz I dont want to end up "sana binili ko na before". So to secure them all, buy a clear plastic box and fold them all inside. It will be easy for you to find where are your new clothes wihout making you closet like a fruit salad.


This is one of my weaknesses. well, after all, 'ama gurl! :D And so, I saw this online and got fascinated on it instantly, so I bought 1 piece. Not knowing na hindi pa pala kasya lahat ng anik anik ko, so now I need to buy 1 more for the rest of the accs. Using this kind of organizer, you can easily see everything and you can choose right away without taking them out.


This time, it's my husbands corner na. But of course, I have some hats to share, but most of them is owned by him.we hang them in one place using this organizer I found online. It is so cheap and very light. Actually, this organizer is designed to hang at the back of your door, but we chose to hang it on wall since it is more stable. Besides, the back of our door is for pants and shorts :D

SHOES (Photos taken in Dubai, 2008)

These photos were taken during my Dubai Days pa (circa 2008), and I am still doing the same thing for the past 5years. Some people intended to put the box away since they considered "boxless" as space saver. But for me, putting them inside box can save me a lot of money and time as well. So I keep them all inside their boxes. As you can see, I have few brands for shoes, kasi they are the only brands that has size 5, and they have the same boxes. So i decided to stick a photo so that It wont take much time to look what's inside the box. I can choose what shoes I'm gonna use in no time. Silica gel is really important, so please don't throw them away.


During my college days, I believe I had more than 100bags hanged in my room. Meaning, Bags are one of my addiction. But the bags in the picture started when I got married. My bags before I got married in the Philippines were stashed during my vacation. I'm not sure how many bags are these, but I think I got an average of 2-3 bags a month. so to keep them safe yet not so difficult to locate, I file them like a books. If you are not using then, better if you place them every time in their dust bags.


When I took this photo, 90% of the clothes herein are my husband's. Yung saken, nasa 3 luggage bags pa, kaya if you can see, all are long and short sleeves. Shirts, and polo shirts are carefully folded according to hue - colored, white, gray, black, colored. As much as possible, avoid putting 2 polos in the same hanger because there is a possibility that you might neglect the one inside. Also, after folding the newly washed clothes, I always make sure to place them at the bottom and not on top, para iikot yung damit, and hindi yung nasa ibabaw na lang lagi ang maiisuot.


Again, this is my personal corner. I love reading books, so I put them where I can reach them an a trouble-free manner. I also placed my macbook, lamp, and colored pens altogether in one place.

So there you have it. These are my (our) stuffs, and how do we organize them. How you handle your stuffs, your things around you will always reflect on how you handle your life. 

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