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Monday, 30 September 2013

INFO: Beware Models, Photography Enthusiasts and Concerned Kababayans!

Spread on the social networking site Facebook pages for photo models slave captured in Zubarah.

Pictures that sparked criticism of social networking site users avoided photographers and girl slave featured i
n sexy outfits and inappropriate in many locations within the Castle heritage located 100 km from the city of Doha.

Many of those who criticized the show those pictures to allow captured in the absence of any kind of control over the old castle which dates back to 1938, the construction and the arrival of the Asian Group to each point inside the Castle without a license to do business within the Castle.

It appears from the nature of the footage that was taken that no one objected to the team which started in one of the images more than 5 photographers, as the Group did not hesitate, with supermodels in erotic imagery in all corners of the Castle, at home and abroad and the top of the Castle, which raised questions about the procedures used to visit the ancient castle, and legal action is taken against individuals or companies that exploit commercially Castle, and before that as this kind of commercial advertising from the distortion of the image The most prestigious historic castles in Qatar.

Asian photography team not only photographed supermodels in erotic postures in Zubarah Fort, but picked up a dozen shots in archaeological and other heritage in Qatar like the Souq waqif and wektara beaches as well as photography in public streets and "scrub" old cars!

The surprise flag via trackable source of such images that most viewers who featured in the photo worked in Qatar in multiple jobs and investment of those images via the Facebook pages to work in fashion shows at home and abroad!