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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

PEOPLE: Do you really deserve a clap from the World?

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Just this morning, before I read any online newspaper, one of our good friends in Photography send this news as “WAG MADAYA, LATEST NEWS”. So I thought, election na ba sa Pinas? knowing that “dayaan season” happens significantly during Philippine election. But then, when I go through the whole article, I said to myself “Wow! May bagong pauso ang mga Pilipino, and this time, it’s in International Level, in a very shameful manner.

Read the full article below:

An apology from the photo thief is not enough.

Now, the Embassy of Chile will revoke prizes given to Marc Joseph Solis, the Filipino who joined the contest using a photo lifted online.

The embassy said Solis, who won the top prize for its “Smile for the World” photo competition held recently, will be stripped of his awards.

“[T]he committee is in the process of re-evaluating the other submissions and has decided to revoke the prize issued to Solis,” the embassy statement read.

It added that the organizers of the “Smile for the World” photo contest are considering taking legal action against Solis, a University of the Philippines graduate student.

Solis on Sunday admitted that the entry he used in the competition was taken by Brazil-based social entrepreneur and photographer Gregory Smith.

He has also sent a letter to Smith, seeking his apology. Smith, for his part hoped that the prizes—$1,000 and a round-trip ticket to Chile and Brazil—would be given to him instead.

The embassy’s rules, however, limited the competition only to Filipino citizens, whether based in the Philippines or abroad.

“After due evaluation, a new set of winners will be announced,” it added.

As things stand, Medardo Marquez, who placed second, is likely to be named the new winner. Following Marquez was Hannah Reyes.

Marquez and Reyes, like Solis, are graduates of the University of the Philippines, whose students slammed the plagiarism via discussions online. 
The Chilean embassy thanked netizens and media practitioners who flagged the plagiarism, noting that it only showed Filipinos’ “Calidad Humana.”

Calidad Humana, the central theme in the campaign to which the photo contest belongs, is roughly translated as “strength of human character,” the embassy said.

It also refers to all that “contributes to a culture of excellence and a life of virtue well spent,” including “living with integrity and upholding the values of the Filipino people.”

More award revocation?

Solis' entry to the “Say Peace Photo Contest” sponsored by OPAPP in 2011 is now under scrutiny as well, according to a statement Tuesday from the Office of the Presidential Adviser.

"OPAPP is now conducting its own investigation in order to find out whether Mr. Solis has committed same infraction in the said contest. If proven guilty, OPAPP will not hesitate to exercise legal options to rectify the wrong done by Solis," Jomer Aquino, Head, OPAPP Legal and Security Unit, said in the statement.
“Filipinos still have innate values, such as honesty, compassion, and resiliency, although there are exceptions such as this case of plagiarism,” Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga said.

“We must take this situation as a sign inviting Filipinos to an open discussion about the urgency to protect the Filipino people from the erosion of their Calidad Humana,” he added.

Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom - Mark Solis receives his prize for the Chilean Embassy in Manila's photo contest where he passed off a photo by a Brazil-based journalist as his own. (Photo from Facebook)