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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

THOUGHTS: Describe Blog - "Tell yah abou' Mahself"

 "When you do things because you have to and not because you want to, you will never be pleased with he results. it is best to find a place under the sun, and when that happens, go for it and make the most out of it."

For the past few weeks, I never had a very lucid state of mentality (lol, mentality talaga eh no!). But it’s true. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because of workloads that are incessantly flowing on top of my (colorful) working station.

Yeah right, I am one of the typical Filipinas who are fascinated with souvenirs and put them all together on their working station. Ako, ewan ko. But ever since I was a kid, I Love collecting anything, as in anything – fashion magazines, stickers, posters, stationeries, stuff toys, Barbie dolls, paper dolls, ballpens, hair clips, shoes, bags. Name it, na experience ko na yata kolektahin. Especially bags. Back in college days, sa paanan ng bed ko, which is a concrete wall (I slept on a double deck, and I occupied the 2nd deck), you can see more than 100 bags were hanging there, in various shapes, styles and hues. I really find happiness whenever I see colors. And almost everyday, I change my bag and hair clips. That became my trend back then. Palit bag, palit hairclip.

But that was long gone, well not really long. I’m still fascinated with bags until now, but not as crazy as my college days. This time is quite different. Minsan pag uwi mo ng Pinas for a vacation, maarbor na ang bag na dala ko. or sometimes, kapag wala nang space sa flat, got no other choice but to put them back to dustbags at sinasama na pauwi sa Coriner Box (which is most of the time, they’re giving me a heartbreaking scenario, hehehe) Unlike my college days, ang bag ko, bag ko lang, you touch them you die. LOLZ!

Anyways, why am I doing this blog full of blah blah? Actually, I’ve noticed lang, for weeks, I keep receving emails from other people who are consistently checking my blog (you know who you are folks, salamat po!) They’re asking if I will accept them on my FB, kasi they don’t know me personally. Some gave me ring asking “Ms. Rai, kwento ka nman about yourself.” Sus ginawa pang slambook ang blogsite ko. =)

As I have said, pwede nyo nman po akong makilala through my blogs. Pero dahil mapilit kayo (hehehehh!) at trending naman ang describe blog nowadays, let me give you a hint of my alter ego outside the world of blogging – who I am, what are my trips in life, where did I come from, and so on.

So, Happy Dayz, folks! <3


  1. I shared my birth date with Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and Andres Bonifacio hence; my family gave me a beautiful name “BONITA”. I want to think and believe that they gave that petname because I am pretty, pero hindi daw, yung birthday ko lang daw ang BONI-facio day, hehehe.
  2. I am a proud Scielinian– mukha lang hindi, pero produkto po ako ng Science High School. =)
  3. I am the only engineer in the family – my parents are commerce grads, and my 2 sisters finished accountancy course as well. Ayun, out of place talaga silang lahat saken lmao!
  4. But actually, I never dreamt of becoming an engineer. During my childhood days, there is one local tabloid in the Philippines, wherein they featured terminologies that are commonly used in the court. Yup! Minsan nangarap din akong maging abogado. But growing up, I noticed my passion in arts and graphics and colors, and styles and fashion and writing. Pero indemand ang kursong engineering, ayun napasabak ang MDAS (Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction) abilities ko for 5years. 6 years including review and refresher.
  5. I passed the UPCAT for Theater Arts and Advertising Courses at UP Diliman. But I never pursued any of those kasi nakamindset na ako that I will be a civil engineer someday, as what may mom says, masunurin ako yeh! =) But no regrets, believe me. I am enjoying what I've reached, what I have, what I am doing, and who I am now. =)
  6. Believe it or not, I am a withdrawn type of person, even if I was one of the participats for "Debate sa Pamantasan." Nakayuko nga akong maglakad diba. I am a bit shy, and not actually a type of person na “broadcaster” ang dating. I  would rather blend in with the crowd than stand out. But most of the time, it’s the opposite that happen.
  7. I have a (small) collection of books - guinness book, ripleys, james patterson, mitch albom and murder books, hell yeah! Hahaha! Seriously speaking, I love reading books. Dati, hindi. Fashion magazine lang,  But then I realized, a person should have at least one favorite book otherwise, he will be the most fragile person ever. That is why, when I designed my freaky dream house, meron naman akong ginawang normal na parte sa loob ng bahay, at yun ang library. =)
  8. From high school upto college, I had a notebook called "The Redbook", wherein all my thoughts, poems, favorite quotes, even my short stories were written. Unfortunately, one colleague borrowed it from me and never returned. Sobrang sad ako nun gusto kong umiyak, kasi all thoughts and emotions that I felt and think back then, dun ko sinusulat. Di bale, makakarma din xa, hahaha badass!
  9. I wrote a short story about 2 people fell in love with each other, but separated by providence. 40years after, the girl came back from US and actually just waiting for her dying day(s) due to heart complications. During the confession time, she whispered that she didn’t get married because her heart belongs to the guy she loved the most but left behind. Then she died, not knowing that the priest she was talking to, is the same guy she loved all her life. It’s a tragic true love story, but hey, not all true love has a happy ending. =)
  10. Vietnam is the first foreign country that made me realized I will be a full time certified OFW. I actually applied in this humble company in Makati City. Luckily they offered me to work in their newly opened Vietnam Branch even If I was still in pro-B period. 1 year after that, they pulled out my contract and asked me to handle Africa Hotel Project. Barely 10months after I started the hotel, they sent me off to their latest baby Dubai Branch. 2 1/2 years later, eto na ako sa Qatar, pakalat kalat :D
  11. I almost quit sorority when I was in college. Not because I was takot for the final rites, but because I was takot for my batchmates, na kapag hindi nila kineri, ako ang sasagot ng para sa kanila. Yikes! I was sooo payat back then, pwede na akong magtago sa likod ng lapis! But we supported each other so finished the rites with flying colors yey! Now, and forever, I am certified Lambdan :D
  12. Because of the movie Born on the 4th Of July that I saw when I was in 4th Grade, I fell in love with Tom Cruise! Kaya I hate Katie Holmes. I wish I could see him in person, pero nung nagshoot ng MI4 sa Dubai, aba! Pinasara ang buong Dubai Mall at nagmalling silang mag anak together with crews and staffs, kaloka diba!
  13. I lurve chocolates! Ask anyone who knows me well, they will tell you anong meron sa drawer ko – lots and lots of chocolates!
  14. Strangely, my favorite colors are hot pink and black. pero kapag tumingin ka sa paligid ko, I have very colorful environment. Maybe because I have very colorful and wonderful life since my childhood days. =)
  15. Every woman loves fashion, so for finale, just wanna share my apple(s) of the eye when it comes to style:

Fashion Icon:
Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn and Laureen Uy
Favorite Scent:
Light Blue by DandG (since 2001)
Favorite Brand:
United Colors of Benetton, Forever21 and Kamiseta
Favorite Get Up:
Something comfy and edgy, but my style always evolves. 
Favorite Footwear:
Anything, except flat shoes. For me, wearing flats are mortal sin.
Favorite Accessory:
My Wedding ring