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Thursday, 2 May 2013

PLACES: A Cap and A Cup at the Airport Café…

After the Airport Opening was cancelled, we never had an “open time” to go and visit the site again. We need to have this security card issued  only to QAQC Engineers, Inspectors and Site Managers. Then just this morning, I received an information that we are going to attend a special site inspection for damaged stones. That means, chance ko na to to go to site after weeks of Hiatus! Minsan, may magandang dulot din kapag ang hawak mong material, na damage (lolz!)

And so we went to site. There, I saw the Airport that came into reality… ang ganda, ang ayos, everything seems perfect. You can feel the “aahhhh-ito-pala-sya-ang-ganda-pala” effect. The Oasis theme can be recognized easily. Many buildings have water motif, wave-y architectural designs. Mejo nadestruct lang ako dahil sa pagkalaki laking teddy bear sa gitna. But It didn’t ruin the aesthetics of the airport. The beauty remains.
(saka hindi sya pwedeng galawin, because according to site people, it's a "huge" gift from the son of Qatar Prince) After we inspect the area, we decided to take a rest, and of course, to experience the taste of Jamocha Café. Tambay, in short. Oooppps, don’t think we’re not working, we just took a rest. Besides, there are some managers as there as well (wanna know who? Ask me hehehehe!)
Jamocha Cafe's Double Chocolate

Anyways, I appreciate the outcome of the Project, really. Nakakabawas ng pagod seeing the result after all these years working on this project. Even if people is continuously criticizing with the cancelled airport opening. We’re now on the edge of finishing the project, and couple of months from now, Hamad International Airport (formerly NDIA) will remain as the first (ever!) in history designed specifically for Airbus 380, and will start the operation, and will cater what the passenger needs.
Concourse B's long (and fast!) walkalator

Main Terminal Building

Main Terminal Building