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Monday, 13 May 2013

ARTS: A New Face for an Old Case

Yesterday, after I took my own “holiday”, I had a very good rest in the morning, but didn’t know what to do in the afternoon. At first I watched TV, but there are no good movies, so I turned it off, and just browsed some of my old magazines. And that gave me an idea on how I am going to spend the rest of the day – a DIY phone casing.

So I grab my tools and start laying them down. Here’s what we need:

An old phone casing.
Pair of scissors
Adhesive or glue
Colorless Nail Polish
Some Old Magazines
1st Step: From your old magazines, cut your favorite words or clips or anything that captures you. Cut as many as you want, and lay them all until you completed the pieces. It’s up to you whether you will follow the shape of your clips or use a uniform shapes.
2nd step: Start sticking them at the exposed side of your casing. Let your glued clippings dry before putting up another one. Make sure not to overlay them so that it will never make your casing bulky after redesigning it.
3rd step: After covering all the entire face of the casing, let them stand to dry.

4th Step: When it’s totally dried up, make some holes on the covered part of the casing such as holes for camera, and volume control.

5th step: apply a colorless nail polish on top of it to bring gloss and shine, and to hide some imperfect cuts on the clippings. Let them dry for at least an hour, and whallah! You have a “new” celphone casing!
And my day already completed. Ooopppps! Gotta go, it’s 6PM and my husband’s coming. +_+ Just try it once, you’ll enjoy it. Bye!