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"I can be your best friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can ditch them off, go on with what you do best and have an amazing life..."

Sunday, 19 May 2013

PEOPLE: To My Special Kind of Trouble, este Double Pala...

Circa 1983: Si Ate as Kinder - Kain :) #3Deacdes Ago#

Thank you for giving me all your old clothes and then you will go out and buy new ones. With that, I learned that I would have more clothes than you have.

Thank you for lending me your shoes even if sometimes they are big on my feet, for I discovered that rubber shoes, sneakers and boots fit me more than high heels.

Thank you for getting mad at me because I used your college bag in school without asking your permission. Because of that, I learned that shoulder bag isn’t good for high school.

Thank you for not allowing me to join the dance group when we were in grade school because I didn’t know the steps of “Kapag tumibok ang Puso”. Because of that, I tried harder to become a good dancer like you.

Thank you because you’re more mahigpit and more masunget than Mama, because of that, I became more masunget and mahigpit than you na. (beh!)

Thank you for being the first person in the family to share with my triumph when I passed the board exam, and the first person to call me Engineer.

Most of all…

Thank you for sharing your 34 years of Existence, Happiness, Memories and Experiences with us.

Don’t worry too much about your age ‘te. Remember, meron pang thermometer :D

Happy Birthday!

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.  ~Margaret Mead

(kaya hindi nya aq matalo eh heheh joke!) But for me, my sister knows me more than mama, maybe because when we were kids, we spent more time arguing, fighting, and arguing, and fighting… =))) then we grew up and went to same high school, sharing the same campus of pur high school lives and we grew up 1 inch more, and I did not follow her steps na.  kasi she’s more dalaga na, ako boyish pa that time. Until we graduated, and worked in UAE, kami na ang magkakampi tlga since then.

That’s why I honor my sister not just being a sister to me but my best friend ever. Kahit na sinusungitan ko sya (takot xa saken, pero takot sin aq sa kanya :D), sumusunod nman xa saken hehehe.  And now that she’s too far from me, sana she will never think na she’s alone, kahit wala xang jowa lolz!

To my favorite big sister, Happy Birthday Te!