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Monday, 5 August 2013

THOUGHTS: Lessons Learned

I wasn’t in the office last Saturday hence; I didn’t have a post about anything and everything. My personal blogspot, according to my colleague Ferdie (nax special mention!), this is his daily newspaper. For kuya Mario (ang batikan heheh!), he asked me one time “wala ba tayong Reader’s Digest ngayon? (Xoxal!) Gawa ka, para may mabasa naman ako." And to those who keep on giving their personal email address para daw updated, thanks xoxo! Salamat po sa pagbabasa ng mga kabalbalan ko sa life. At dahil jan, Group hug tayo!!! :D

Anyways, so much for that. Yesterday, I heard from my co-QS about the latest talk in the Philippines now – and it’s all about Neri Naig and PnE’s Chito Miranda. Probably, all of us are familiar with these 2 celebrities. A 7minute private video about their intimacy is now all over the world (yes it is, and it is available at torrents for free downloads). According to Chito, his house was robbed and took some of his belongings including external drive bearing the said video.

Yeah I know, people say, “Treasure the memories with your loved ones because it happens only once in a lifetime”. But this kind of thing MUST be treasured between the two of you alone. Okay, let us say, recording memories like this is exciting, but always remember, it is entrenched with peril and shame.

So let’s talk about 5 lessons we can learn on this situation. These are apparently a general words for everyone:

Intimacy is Intimacy. Keep it with you 
Even if you are a non-celebrity, you have to think of privacy. It’s all about respect not only to yourself, but also to the person involve, and other people, especially your family around you. Don’t think “hindi naman ako kilala, okay lang”. No. it’s not a proper attitude.

Don’t be a Video Na├»ve
Pardon me peeps, but I really don’t understand why there are some people doing this? Is it for fun? Or you want to see how you react while doing this thing? I don’t know. Not just Chito and Neri, but other celebrities as well. Aren’t they tired of everyday camflash and videocams that follows them everywhere?can we also call this "selfie?"

Secure your belongings 
Yes! Personally, I am keeping and my 3 external drives safely, not because I have scandal, but TV series since 2007 especially my photos (from 2005) are in it. They are well worth safe kept. Burglars are sometimes considering drives when robbing someone’s domicile.

If you want to commit a murder, don’t leave an evidence, and don’t make any trail   
Reality check. If you commit something and you are afraid that that cover you put on it might be blown away, better delete everything related to it – erase sms messages, double check recycle bins, and if it’s really a “hush-hush” thing, don’t record it, as simple as that.

Maria Clara no-no
This is the sad part for every Filipina. While men will increase their pogi points, people will have a degrading look on the “innocent” lass. Some will pity her, but you know - Filipino’s - you know how we think. It’s not about keeping your image, but it’s all about your credibility and self confidence.

I am not playing hypocrite here nor presenting myself as a spotless human being, I am just stating a fact. I like Neri Naig (she’s actually my favorite contender during SCQ). And who will hate Chito Miranda??? (seen him on his Bigatilyo Album promotion in 2003, he is nice and makamasa). But sometimes, things like this will always leave a painful blotch not to them, but to their loved ones. We have our own family. And if we really love them, try not to hurt these people.  

And to those who are expecting a viral video here, sorry po, not available :D