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Saturday, 17 August 2013

MOVIE: Kay Tagal kang Hinintay, Logan...

Isang Buwang paghihintay kay Wolverine!

Well, it 22 days to be exact, according to Wikipedia, The Wolverine  was released in 2D and 3D theaters on 24th July 2013 in  various international markets, 25th in Australia and 26th July in the United States. For some reasons, hindi ko alam bakit hindi kasama ang Qatar sa “International market”. Maybe it’s because of the Ramadan Season, and Eid Holidays. But at least, the movie is now showing nationwide (Finally!)

Compare to other reviews, mine is a bit late, 22 days delayed ba naman after irelease internationally. Nevertheless, The Wolverine is so far the most intriguing film related to X-Men. Mutants in this film are not everywhere, but the quality of the story and breathtakingly suspenseful. Pwede palang gumawa ng mutant film kahit hindi lahat ng cast are mutants. Even if the movie is a standalone character sequel to X-men franchise, the “X-Men Appeal” is still present. Besides, the performance of Hugh Jackman is still the same – strong, rude and solid. I cannot imagine any Holywood actor that could play the Wolverine character. For me, this is a movie that is WORTH WAITING FOR. A very good movie that fits any 3D wide screen with matching popcorn, slash, and a lazy boy chair.

Although for sure, some (or maybe most) of you have seen this at Sa mga matityagang manood ng cinema copy, you can check the link and watch the film online. But for those who are really into good movies, I recommend you to check the schedule below and grab a ticket with your friends and families.


There is a MID CREDIT SCENE that is sooooo cool! Siguradong aabangan ang kasunod ng X-Men franchise So don’t leave your seats right away! +_+

SINO SYA??? @_@

Personal Rating:  8.75 / 10.00