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Sunday, 25 May 2014

LEGAL ISSUE: Ministry getting set to enforce labor laws

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is gearing up to launch raids on companies to check their compliance with provisions of the labour law ahead of some key changes in labour rights anticipated in the country.

Beginning next month, the Inspection Department of the labour ministry is expected to mount raids on a massive scale on companies and their labour lodgings.

The compliance of companies with rules on occupational health and safety, and paying workers’ wages in time, and whether any company has employed runaway workers, are to be checked.

Companies must keep ready salary statements (paid to workers) for the past three months. The salary sheets must be endorsed by the labour ministry.

Labour accommodations will also be checked and companies must ensure that four workers stay in a room of not less than four by four meters in size.

Reposted from The Peninsula | Photo by Ziad Hunesh