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Thursday, 15 May 2014

THOUGHTS: Thankful Thursday
Instead of saying "IT'S THROWBACK THURSDAY", why not say "IT'S THANKFUL THURSDAY", for we have so many things to be thankful for the whole week God has given us. Our family, friends, and and colleagues. But, we should also have to appreciate other things that sometimes, annoy us or irritate us, or cause us boredom, and test our patience, because God has a plan for us, always. And even if we do not know what it is, just trust Him with all our Heart and we will surely understand his reasons.

#1, Lord, I am thankful for the traffic that we always experience every time we go to work. I still have additional time to spend with my family while we’re on our way to the office. Thank you Lord for the road traffic as I have much time to fix my hair, my shoes and my tie. But most of all, thank you for getting me stuck in the traffic for I have seen and appreciate more the beauty of morning sunshine.
#2, Lord, I am still thankful even if sometimes, there is no parking space for my vehicle. With this, I still enjoy the comfort of sitting inside my car while waiting. Thank you Lord God for you let me realize that I didn’t walk going to my destination. But most of all, Even If I have to linger for a little while, I thank you Lord because you let me realize that I am living in a prosperous country and that is the reason cars are everywhere.

#3, Lord I am thankful for the gift of work you bestow to us. Even if our workload is as high as Eiffel Tower, it only shows that we are capable of doing something that cannot be done by others. Thank you Lord because every month, we are able to pay our bills and you keep our mind busy that helps reduces the chance or depression due to idleness. And most of all, thank you for some “terrorist managers”, if not for them I will not realize that I can extend my patience more.
#4 and Most importantly Lord God, I am thankful for giving us the opportunity to work outside our comfort zone in the Philippines, and make Doha Qatar our second home.  We are surrounded by different nationalities yet, you gave us enough confidence to deal with them everyday. Thank you lord for bringing us in a foreign land because you let us gain lot of useful experiences and valuable knowledge from world-class experts and colleagues who come from different countries in the world. And most of all, thank you Lord for these people, because if not for them, I won't have this #4 to thank for.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!