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Sunday, 18 May 2014

PLACES: Enchanted Kingdom meets The Walking Dead

Are those zombies from “The Walking Dead” giving you sleepless nights? Enchanted Kingdom’s latest attraction is offering you a fun way to take vengeance.

You can shoot those corpses all you want on its 7D Interactive Motion Theater. It’s interactive, it feels like real and you’re actually moving with a plastic gun in hand. 

But don’t worry, it’s guiltless. In fact, draped in sotana, the priest who blessed the newly-refurbished theater inside the theme park seemed to enjoy every bit of the ride.

James Contreras, seated beside EK chairman Mario Mamon and chief executive Cynthia Mamon, was among the first to experience the newest attraction in the Sta. Rosa Laguna park.

The light-hearted Mamon was not kidding when he said during the launch that riders are in for a friendly competition as soon as the short zombie clip starts to roll.

He actually went head-to-head with his equally competitive wife, and Contreras, who emerged second and third placers, respectively.

The future of PH theme park 

“Our ultimate goal is to convert EK from a one-day stay institution into something you need a weekend to finish everything that we will have here,” Mamon said.

“So that will all happen, I promise you, in 5 to 10 years,” the theme park’s chairman added, noting that he is always trying to look for new attractions to bring to EK.

The newest attraction is part of P480 bundle the park offers students during summer. Aside from the 7D Theater, the price gives you access to Disk-O-Magic, Pagpag Horror House and Alienation.