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Sunday, 4 May 2014

EVENT: Four Season's Movie Night, Take 2!

Yes, it's gonna happen again, for the second time!

The first time Four Season's Doha had their first movie night featuring the film "Catch Me If You Can, I immediately said to my hubby "please please Pardz, let's try MOvie NIght at Four Season's Doha"... thanks to my persistence, he said "okay, we'll try this weekend..."
Aww, that's us!!!
Now, due to insistent public demand and a pushy crowd (hahaha!), Four Season's gonna have their second round! Whew! So I checked their Facebook Fan page and saw that there is on going poll which movie are they going to feature this 9th of May, I liked all three of them, Lolz! Seriously though, Grease, Top Gun and Ocean's Eleven - who wouldn't want to watch them again? All of them are considered three of the finest films from Hollywood. Grease with a budget of 6Million USD, skyrocketed its box office into 395,000,000USD, 1986 film Top Gun, which cemented my Tom Cruise status' (my ultimate crush since I was 10) as a superstar, and Ocean's Eleven, an American comedy-crime film and emerged as  fifth highest-grossing film of 2001.

So, since Four Season's Doha has some trouble choosing the "Right Movie", they are asking for your big help! 

Here's what you gonna do:
1. Check Four Season's Facebook Fan Page
2. Like their page -> don't forget this :)
3. Vote for your favorite movie, and khallas! It's all done :)

The movie with the most likes will be selected as the featured file this 9th of May. Deadline will be on 6th may 2014.

What are you waiting for, vote now! :D

For Seat Reservation, please call - 44948013