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Saturday, 10 May 2014

FASHION: Watches to Watch For

Every time I go out, the are 3 things that will not be definitely missed out - earrings, my wedding ring, and a wrist watch. Yes, I couldn't leave the house without them. It feels like I'm naked. For me, not wearing them outside is a deadly sin, hahaha! But Since, I could only wear 1 wedding ring (of course!), I got more earrings and watches. Though in reality, I opt to buy watches more often than earrings, and here's the (cluttered) evidence... :D
BEFORE: Our Watches inside the closet
For me, watches are not just accessories or adornment, but an investment as well. Pardon me, since I am nothing against those people who buy Class Triple A watches or the like. Sometimes, you will not notice right away that they are not the authentic one, kasi they are too good inside and out. But for me, buying authentic watches gives me more confidence, even If i raise my right hand (yes, I wear watches on my right wrist ever since I was 5) And admit it, the durability is far way better than imitations, not to mention their international warranties. And if you are lucky enough, there are some free vouchers from the Authorized Distributors of these watches. Cool aye!?

(Photo from Blessie)
2 weeks back, I received my 2 sets of watch organizer from an online seller here in Qatar. So excited that I didn't realize, mabigat pala hehehe. It's actually good though since it looks matibay kasi it's made of wood. So when I reached home, I immediately check our watches na sobrang cluttered inside our closet. It wasn't that bad naman, since we can still see all our watches, but they're not very organize.
AFTER: Watches properly arranged
The watch organizer really helps, thanks to Miss Blessie - From watches that simply arranged to watches that are so organized! Every watch has its own "permanent address". In fact to make them easier to find and more systematic, I am planning to put names below each watch in Alphabetical Order, together with the year:
  1. HER  Aldo (2013)
  2. HER Casio (2013)
  3. HER DKNY (2008)
  4. HER Diesel (2005)
  5. HER Esprit (2007)
  6. HER Fossil (2012)
  7. HER G-Shock (2013) - Couple Watch
  8. HER Kenneth Cole (2012) - Couple Watch 
  9. HER Krizia (2008)
  10. HER Lacoste (2009)
  11. HER Mango (2012)
  12. HER Skagen (2011)
  13. HER Swatch 01 (2013)
  14. HER Swatch 02 (2011)
  15. HER Swatch 03 (2011)
  16. HER Timex (2011)
  17. HER Tissot (2013)
  1. HIS Armani (2013)
  2. HIS G-Shock (2013)
  3. HIS Kenneth Cole (2012)
  4. HIS Lacoste (2013)
  5. HIS Skagen (2014)
  6. HIS Swatch (2013)
  7. HIS Tissot (2012)
So far, my oldest watch is the Diesel. It was gift from my sister when I passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam. I actually checked the price at the Robinson's Galleria during that time (curious lang, har har!), and the watch costs 6,000Php!!! I was a bum then, while Ate was a call center agent at Convergy's, so keri nya yung price, ako hindi hahah! For 9years that I've been using it, once pa lang ako nagpapalit ng battery, and that was last January 2014. Tagal ng battery life :), and that is just one of so many perks you can get from buying authentic watches. Although as far as I remember, my first watch was a Gold Analog Watch from Esprit. I didn't even know how to read time, because I was barely 5, for goodness sake! pero syempre, status symbol daw yun sa mga kids that time if you are wearing one, so my Mom (who was working in Oman at that time), gave me a watch. para daw xoxal hahahah!

(Un) fortunately, I'm gonna need new box na, because the 24 slots (12 slots per box) are already full. And just 3days ago, my loving and generous husband bought me the latest Caramellisima LP135 from Swatch Pastry Chefs 2014 Spring Summer Edition. I am actually wearing it today while composing this blog together with my "love" and "unique" bracelets, So to Miss Blessie, brace yourself, for I might gonna need a new watch organizer, kelangan ko ng bagong lalagyan. :)
Last piece of Caramellissima LP135, Doha City Center 08May2014

By the way, for those of you who wants the same wooden watch organizer, you can contact Miss Blessie on her facebook account. :)